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Why Software Testing

As computers and software are used in critical applications, the outcome of a bug can be severe. Bugs can cause huge losses. Bugs in critical systems have caused airplane crashes, allowed space shuttle missions to go awry, halted trading on the stock market, and could cause even worse effects.

The role of the Professional Tester will now become more interesting and more essential. And so will Testing and Quality Assurance, which will become more important and add more value as we move into architectures and technologies which support the business in their goals of bringing products and services to the market as rapidly as possible, with minimal risk. We will see a shift towards testing the transformed business operation, the business processes, the way people interact with the systems and processes and the information it provides, and therefore mitigating the risks and increasing the benefits of business change.

Software Testing is Serious Booming Business
  • Outsourced Testing Service Market is booming, in turn creating huge job opportunities in software testing
  • Many new software product companies are setting testing labs in India
  • The challenge these companies face is finding the right talent
  • Companies expect youngsters to have a reasonable understanding of the technology, in addition to good knowledge of testing techniques/process/tools and also expect them to be productive from day one!
Why Learning with Us

It is not merely about learning tools, manual or automated testing. It is about understanding the concepts, techniques, process, and tools to enable you to discover defects effectively, and ensuring quality and to become a productive member of the testing team or your organization.

Expected Training Result
  • Be well-versed with test terminologies.
  • Be skilled in application of test techniques.
  • Understand the scope of different levels of testing.
  • Know how to conduct different types of tests.
  • Understand the process of testing.
  • Understand effective use of tools.
  • Know how to apply metrics and interpret them.

At Fu- VISION the emphasis is on laying strong foundation in Test engineering - Techniques, Disciplined process, Test types, and Tools. Our objective is to transform talented laymen into Industry-Ready Test professionals.

Career Prospects
  • Test Engineer (0-2yrs)
  • Senior Test Engineer (2-5 yrs)
  • Test Leader (4-6 yrs)
  • Test Manager (6-10 yrs)

"According to industry reports, "...The software testing arena in India is estimated to require more than 16,000-18,000 professionals within the next one year...

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