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Course Information
  • Levels:
    Any Level
  • Lecture:
    30 Sessions
  • Duration:
    30 Hours
  • Class Size:
    8 Persons (Max.)
  • Time:
    Based on Availability
  • Location:
    Online / Offline Classes

PHP originally called as Personal Home Page, but now it is called as Hypertext preprocessor.It is a is general purpose Scripting language that is especially suited for web development to produce dynamic web pages and can be embedded in HTML.

Zend provides a certification exam for programmers to become PHP developers.

PHP is Open Source(a free to download & use) and Cross Platform running on Unix, Linux, MS Windows, Apple Mac, AS/400 and more. PHP is a ''P'' in the LAMP stack.

MySQL is the worlds most used Relational database management system RDBMS. It is a database server ideal for both small and large applications. MySQL supports standard SQL. It is also an free to download and use. A free Software open source project that requires a full featured database management system often uses MySQL.

Why Learning With Us

At Fu-VISION the PHP & MYSQL training program is designed to enable web developers and others with limited programming experience to build dynamic database driven e-commerce web sites using the PHP programming language. Since PHP is such a rich and task-specific language, our training covers the most important range of functions in depth, and equips delegates to understand the remaining less essential aspects. PHP 5 is the current version of PHP and is what Fu- VISION teaches you.

Expected Training Result

On completion of this PHP training course, students will be able to:

  • How to develop the application using Eclipse IDE
  • How to work with Eclipse IDE Perspectives
  • How to create & manage the PHP projects using Eclipse IDE
  • How to work effectively with Weakly types language like PHP
  • How to work with 1D, 2D Rectangular & Jagged Array
  • How to work with Associate Arrays
  • Understand objected-oriented programming with PHP
  • How to effectively us OO techniques
  • How to create and implement Abstract Classes & Interfaces
  • How to interact with databases
  • How to Handle the Errors in < PHP 5.0 Version
  • How to Handle the Exception Handling in >= PHP 5.0 Version
  • How to handle the IO Operation in PHP
  • How to working existing collection framework
  • How to create a new custom (User Defined) Collection
  • Gain solid working knowledge of PHP programming skills they need to successfully build interactive, data-driven sites
  • How to manage sessions
  • Use Exceptions to handle run time errors.
  • Develop & Consume Web Services
  • Understand the concept data type for representing information in MySQL
  • Manage the structural characteristics of your databases and the tables within your databases
  • Gain the solid working knowledge of various SQL statements & functions
  • Gain the knowledge on the SELECT statement to retrieve information from database tables
  • Make use MySQL expressions in SQL statements to query the database information
  • Use DML SQL Command to maintain the data of database tables
  • Develop and manage triggers
  • How to handle HTML forms
  • How to manage the Session in PHP
  • How to work with Graphics in PHP
  • How to manage the data in database using PDO
  • How to deal errors in PDO
  • How to manage Transaction in PDO
  • Templating in PHP
  • How to work with Smarty Template Engine
  • Gain the solid skills on the PEAR package
  • Develop practical PHP applications
  • Develop & Deploy secure PHP Web applications
Career Prospects

As PHP is simple, cheap, quick, and effective, the demand for PHP developers is reasonably huge and growing very quickly. It is sooner becoming the dominant language in web development.

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