Why do I need to take up training after a 3 or 4 years College/University? In today’s 2020 software/IT market professional training on any specific or combination technology/tool becomes highly mandatory as today’s most of the university curriculum including the premier one’s do not match industries requirement or it offers a detailed practical approach for the budding aspirant as Designers, Developer’s, Testers or Analyst. In fact most of the top company Higher Authorities including Bill gates says Professional Training is essential than just college education.
When I have campus interview offered in my college, after completion of my 3 or 4 year of education Why do I need to seek for a professional training institution’s supports to be placed in reputed Software/IT/Manufacturing/Designing companies or constructions? Yes, today’s most of the university/affiliated colleges are thinking to offer their best support for students in placing them in any of the premier organisation. Unfortunately most of the candidates especially the mediocre or candidates who are a performer of practical approach oriented learning find if a challenge to crack interviews which are purely aptitude based. Hence seeking help of professional training institute for a easy practical approach oriented defaulted indepth training and getting training from the basics not just improvises the fundamentals but offers extreme confidence in approaching any interviews/interviewers is certainly worth throughout their career.
Do I need to seek international certifications for any technology/tool that I get trained? Most of international certifications are offered by companies who acquire the ownership of the tool and are authorized to sell the same through direct or indirect channels. The parent company conducts examination to assess the various level of understanding appreciate, conceptual knowledge and approach by the candidate approaching for the certification through a standard on time examination with questions to be answered in standard English. If is perceived that candidates cracking this examination and been certified are eligible to work for specific projects that requires certain prerequisite metrics held by the candidate to be a part of the project. Not all projects require certified candidates or not all certified candidates meet most of the job role requirements.
How do I know which is today’s Industry’s hottest technology and How do I choose which is best for me? Do not Worry, The best Solution for both of your queries are, you just need to be a part of Fu-VISION’s Consultation Session. Surprising how does that be an answer. As we believe that our Consultation’s goal is to offer the best Case study for you on today’s trends in SOFTWARE/IT/CAD CAM/ANIMATION Industry and to make you realize that which would be perfect Technology for you to shine not just for Entry sake in a Company but to survive for years together in the Organization and elevate to the next level sooner.
What about Recession and People Say today’s Software/IT/CAD CAM/ANIMATION Industry is very down and challenging to find a Job? If you have Recessed Mind, Then the term Recession might be really haunting. Whereas if you start understand the Secret and the Art of Performing your Career, that Leads your Life then you shall start promoting the Mantra for being Success to all your kith and kin. Remember Industry/world is abundance, So If you Do Not Have a Recessed Mind, then you will never come across even people who talk about, as you know they are the prime negatives from whom you should stay Separated.
Questions All about Job and Interviews:
Will I get Job guarantee if I join any course in Fu-VISION? The first and the foremost thing Fu-VISION’s answer to candidates who ask “Will I get Job guarantee” is “Can you guarantee us that “you will cent percent crack the Interview being organized by us or an Interview found by yourself”? You would certainly answer immediate as “I can’t predict that”, “How do I know”, “Am not sure”, “That client has to decide”....etc right? So nobody can or should guarantee to get you a Job because;
Will I get 100% Job if I join any course in Fu-VISION? Best Job is for one who is good at Technical skills with decent expected Soft skills to satisfy the Organization’s requirement and travel along with the Organization’s Objective for a long run. Our training ensure you get the best Hands on training satisfying to crack any Interview or Review in an existing Company or if you are planning for shift. Candidates who satisfy the client expectation would be certainly absorbed.
What kind of client Interviews you can offer? We can organize Interviews with some decent Middle level to CMMI level Creamy clients, so as you could have the scope to showcase your talent that you acquired during the training.
Who are your clients, Do you have tie-ups with them? In today’s competitive Technology world, Human Resource department has lot of constraints and policies in recruiting a candidate and fitting in an Opening. Signing a contract is not necessary for every Client has their Openings displayed in their own website career page and We are sure candidates who are seeking Job know how to hunt openings, on the top of it you visit an Institute is because you very well knew that you aren’t satisfying the expected skills mentioned in Job Description for an Opening and so to update that specific technology and the required knowledge and skill set is why you visit us. So your question should be “Will Fu-VISION training matches the particular requirement or specific requirement for Industry’s Hot Technology Training that I choose from our products”. And clients, in spite of openings being displayed in their portals or through their various hunting process, still if they couldn’t find the right trained one, they immediately write us or call us for a meeting to offer the best candidates. So we always will have Openings in surplus and that is our Objective too to find right fit for the right company. So you need not worry.
Do you bring clients to your campus? Deciding the venue where to conduct the Interview say in our Campus or in theirs is all Clients call; we cannot compel or create one as Eyewash. Both are same. But where ever the Interview is we ensure the Client is a decent organization who would keep their employees happy in all aspects. So taking Interviews through us after successful training would be very clear process and best option.
Do I have to pay anything for Interviews? You do not need to pay anything for Interviews but after your offer is confirmed, you shall pay the service charges for our Student Placement division, which all the service obtain students earlier find as good commitment from our end. Above all remember in today’s competitive market Employers may have various requirements. Say they may expect you to obtain o Positive Attitude o Strong Work Ethic o Good Communication Skills o Time Management Abilities o Problem-Solving Skills o Acting as a Team Player o Self-Confidence o Ability to Accept and Learn From Criticism o Be Flexible and Adaptable o Avoid Over Expectation o At time sign Contract too Above all “Job is for Performers”!