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Drupal is now become one of the most popular PHP based content management system. Drupal is gaining more interest now a day because it will adopt some of the Symfony Components for upcoming version 8. By adopting HttpKernel, Drupal and Symfony projects will become more inter-operable. It means that you will be able to easily integrate your custom Symfony applications with Drupal and vice-versa.

Today Drupal is used by celebrities, non-profit institutions, schools, Fortune 500 companies and Government websites.

Drupal CMS is best option for building social networking, news, blogs, forums, images and many more advanced websites.

As per recent data, 919600 people in 228 countries speaking 181 languages power Drupal.

The number of live Drupal installations has grown considerably in recent years and currently exceeds half a million. Growth continues at around 5% per month

Drupal has been attracting a lot of attention as a platform for business oriented web solutions. For example, it was recently nominated as one of three contenders for Best Business Application by LinuxWorld. Linux + Drupal is a very serious alternative to commercially available systems.

IBM is falling for Drupal. IBM has quote on their decision to go with Drupal, “Drupal is a relative youngster compared to other content management systems (CMS). However, we got the impression the framework was well written, robust, very extensible, and seemed to have a thriving development community that was generating a lot of adoption and support".

Advantages of Drupal
  • Search engine optimized URLs.
  • Ease of editing and revisions.
  • The organizational wizardry of taxonomy.
  • Multiple user management.
  • Page titles.
  • Better integration with Google Analytics.
  • Passionate and active community.
  • No license, No Credit card, Absolutely Freebee.
  • Getting started with Drupal SEO is easy.
Why Learning With Us
  • Research and install modules to meet project requirements
  • Configure the basic modules and core settings to get a site running
  • Drush command line tool
  • Create a custom Theme from scratch which validates with good HTML/CSS.
  • Able to customise forms, core, themes without altering core files but by using template.php or custom modules.
  • Can make forms from scratch using the API - with validation and posting back to the DB/email
  • Can create custom modules from scratch utilising core hooks and module hooks.
  • Be involved with the community, understand the naming conventions, CVS system and ideally have submitted some
Career Prospects

Drupal has been around for more than nine years, but thanks to high-profile use cases (, Warner Bros. records), the free software package has reached over 2 million downloads. Another content management system that's been steadily growing in popularity since 2007 is Joomla!, which is neck to neck with Drupal. Learning either system could increase your marketability as a web developer, but Drupal is known for being extensible and better for large websites. The large community around Drupal and their module contributions are also a key selling point.

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