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  • Levels:
    Any Level
  • Lecture:
    30 Sessions
  • Duration:
    30 Hours
  • Class Size:
    8 Persons (Max.)
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    Based on Availability
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    Online / Offline Classes

The .NET Framework is Microsofts application development platform that enables developers to easily create Windows applications, web - applications, and web services using a myriad of different programming languages, and without having to worry about low-level details like memory management and processor-specific instructions. .NET is probably one of the more muddled and mismanaged brands in the history of Microsoft. If you go to it will tell you that .NET is the Microsoft Web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software, but this isn't what most people are thinking of when they say, ".NET." What is commonly referred to as .NET is programming with the .NET Framework. . Net technology offers many benefits for web application developers. It helps software development team to create powerful high quality but easy to use information systems. Being platform independent .Net enables businesses to quickly integrate their existing systems, information, and devices, thus assisting in collaboration and effective communication.

Advantages of .NET Technology
  • The main advantage of using the .Net technology is the reduced amount of code necessary for building applications. Better performance is provided by using the just-in-time compilation, early binding, caching services and native optimization.
  • Web pages created with the .NET technology perform common tasks such as form submission and client authorization much easier.
  • The .Net technology is language independent, which lets users choose the language that will suit best for their applications.
  • A web application created through the .NET technology is considered reliable as the web server controls the pages on an ongoing basis. If it detects any infinite looping, memory leakage and any kind of abnormal and illegal activities, the server at once destroys them and restarts itself again.
  • The .Net technology provides web application developers with automatic deployment, WYSIWYG editing and drag-and-drop server controls.
Further Advantages of .NET
  • Maintainability
  • Deployment
  • Security
  • Cross platform: service-oriented Architecture
  • Interoperation with existing applications
  • Integration with legal systems
  • Code management
  • Robustness
  • All libraries in one place
  • Localization and globalization
  • Less complexity and consistent programming model
  • Rapid application development
  • Scalability
  • .Net is a cutting edge web development technology that lets build flexible, complicated and technologically advanced web applications.
Why Learning with Us

Our students are trained for the creation of following applications using .NET platform

  • Customer relationship management
  • Accounting applications
  • Product/inventory applications
  • Websites
  • Value chain/supply management
  • Integration with partners through the internet
  • XML web services

Efficient enough to re-design applications within the development Team members to support a growing company's needs.

Expected Training Result
  • Be well-versed with Development terminologies.
  • Be skilled in application of Development techniques.
  • Understand the scope of different levels of Development.
  • Know how to conduct different types of Development.
  • Understand the process of Development.
  • Understand effective use of tools.
  • Know how to apply metrics and interpret them.
Career Prospects

The demand of qualified professionals trained in .NET is high worldwide. This demand will continue to become intense in years to come. This is because this software programming language will be needed to develop complicated software applications. But to prosper in this area, .NET developers should be in the learning process. They have to constantly update their knowledge and skill sets with the advent of new technologies and tools.

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